Yeast Infection Bumps

Let’s face it, none of us dudes want to talk about problems with our man parts. 

Unfortunately, sometimes our sidekick isn’t as infallible as it may seem.

So now you are seeing some little bumps showing up on your penis.  Oh no.  Is it herpes?  Is it a yeast infection?

Here’s a quick look at how to tell the difference and get the right treatment.

Hints That Those Bumps Might Be Yeast Related

Yeast infections are typically an opportunistic infection that take advantage of a weakened immune system.  So, in a lot of cases, there are other factors that lead into the yeast infection. For example if you have been on a lot of antibiotics recently, it could be that your normal bacterial flora is on a decline and that the yeast is over growing to take its place.

Additionally, it can be a sign of pancreatic problems. Diseases such as diabetes cause an abundance of sugar which feeds any present yeast infections causing rapid overgrowth.

Additionally, although yeast infections are not necessarily considered an STD, if your partner has been suffering from a yeast infection, it is plausible that you could get it, too. If it goes untreated long enough, both you and your partner could show signs of bumps.

Yeast Infection Bumps v.s Herpes Bumps

Yeast Infection bumps tend to be scattered with white pus-looking heads.  And, they are extremely itchy and often itch worse after having eaten sugar. White discharge may be present from the tip of the penis in more extreme cases. 

They also tend to accompany other yeast infection symptoms.

While herpes can also cause bumps and sores, they tend to be more clustered and are often described as “cauliflowered”.  Additionally, they may come and go over several weeks, but typically grow worse.

Treating Yeast Infection Bumps

You can try treating yeast infection bumps at home by applying a topical cream such as Monistat.

Additionally, some people have been able to use tea tree oil to treat their yeast infection bumps.  However, you may want to dilute it with olive oil and use it sparingly.  I find myself to be extremely sensitive to it and would be very cautious about applying it to sensitive areas of my body. 

Yeast Infections May Be Worse Than They Appear

Craving sugar? Lethargic? Itching? Dizziness?

Just because you get rid of the bumps you may not be treating the source of the yeast infection.  In many of us our diets of sugar and beer has lead to yeast overgrowth in our gut which actually can actually dictate our food cravings.

In Yeast Infection No More the author, Linda Johnson, reveals just how destructive yeast infections can be, as well as natural steps you can take to eliminate yeast overgrowth and restore your natural health.

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